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Satiny thighs, silky back, perfectly smooth armpits.

Effective and permanent hair removal with the latest high-speed method

Dauerhafte Haarentfernung

Permanent hair removal at a high-end level

Our technology combines the advantages of the best hair removal methods to offer you a faster, pain-free, and effective solution for your skin needs. Whether you want to remove annoying hair or treat skin problems, our procedure has been developed to exceed your expectations.
Say goodbye to the annoying complications associated with daily shaving. Strawberry legs, skin redness, ingrown hairs, and razor bumps are things of the past.
Experience the freedom of silky smooth skin without the inconveniences of traditional hair removal methods. Discover the future of permanent hair removal with us.



The world’s most effective hair removal method

The high-speed technology is suitable for all skin types and allows for treatment sessions that are twice as fast as traditional methods. It minimizes pain and discomfort and can be tailored to the needs and skin types of the customer. Customized treatment plans deliver excellent results in hair removal and skin treatments without increasing the risk of skin discoloration or side effects.


Advantages of permanent hair removal

  • Twice as fast as conventional methods
  • Maximum treatment comfort
  • Gentle and virtually painless
  • Suitable for all skin types and almost all hair colors
  • Individual settings 
  • Maximum effectiveness
  • Permanently hair-free


With the high-speed technology and the patented cooling system, the handpiece is guided over the treatment area in a single gliding movement. A large number of effective light pulses are emitted onto the skin every second. The vital proteins in the active hair germ cells are destroyed in the process.

Dauerhafte Haarentfernung



Everything you always wanted to know about permanent hair removal.

You should not choose this treatment method if you have skin cancer or a sun allergy, if you are taking photo-sensitising medication or if you are pregnant.


  • Pregnancy
  • Thyroid dysfunction 
  • Diabetes
  • HIV / AIDS
  • High blood pressure
  • Skin conditions in the treatment area (psoriasis, eczema) 
  • Seizure disorders
  • Blood clotting disorde

Instead of a single, punctual pulse, the intensive pulsed light technology emits several pulses within one second. This means that an enormously high total energy is applied to a large treatment area. As the handpiece glides over the skin in a single movement, there is no need for time-consuming back and forth. The pure application time is reduced by more than half - and the epidermis is hardly stressed.

Do not expose the area to be treated to intense sunlight for a few days before and after treatment. And shave the relevant area of your skin the day before your appointment.

Face, neck, armpits, chest, stomach, back, bottom, bikini area - in short: from head to toe.

The duration of a session depends on the size of the area to be depilated. As a rule of thumb, our high-speed method reduces the time required by more than half compared to conventional systems of permanent hair removal. Whereas it used to take around an hour to depilate the upper and lower legs, treatment of the same area with our technology takes around 30 minutes.

To remove hair permanently, you will need an average of eight to ten sessions with our technology - until enough hair germ cells have been destroyed to ensure long-term success. Statistics and personal experience show that the number of treatments required can vary. Factors such as genetics, age, hormone fluctuations, medication or weight also play a role. You should allow for a break of around four to eight weeks between treatments. Your next treatment appointment may vary depending on the area of your body and/or face. However, you will see a big change after the first treatment and week after week you will notice a significant reduction in the number of hairs growing back.

We apply a cooling aloe vera oil to your clean-shaven skin to make it easier for the cooled handpiece to glide. The light pulses from the handpiece heat the hair germ cells for a short time. This causes them to lose the ability to form new hair roots. Treatment with this new technology is virtually painless.



Any questions?

Our beauty experts will be happy to offer you in-depth information and advice in a personal consultation.
Please call us, write an e-mail or use the contact form to reach out to us. One of our beauty experts will contact you directly and - if desired - immediately compile and discuss an individual treatment plan with you.