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Fresh, firm and flawless skin.

With cosmetic light therapy treatments.

Our prices

At a glance

Cosmetic skin treatment with light therapy

Skin firming / skin rejuvenation 
Neck CHF 250.-
Full face CHF 390.-
Decolletage CHF 350.-
Hands  CHF 200.-


Full face, neck and decolletage     CHF 850.-
Face, neck, decolletage, hands CHF 990.-


Microdermabrasion as add-on treatment on request or recommendation
Face or decolletage CHF   50.-
Full face, neck and decolletage       CHF   70.-


Age spots, sun spots 
Cheeks CHF 250.-
Brow CHF 200.-
Full face CHF 450.-
Single hand  CHF 150.-
Hands CHF 250.-
Lower arm CHF 400.-


Full face, lower arm, hands CHF 950.-


Cheeks CHF 200.-
Nose CHF 100.-
Face CHF 350.-
Decolletage  CHF 300.-
Shoulders CHF 300.-
Upper back inc. shoulders CHF 450.-


Full face + decolletage  CHF 550.-
Full face, decolletage, back, shoulders CHF 900.-


Cosmetic redness treatment with light therapy 
Nose CHF 160.-
Cheeks CHF 360.-
Chin CHF 180.-
Full face CHF 550.-


Cosmetic impurity (acne) treatments with light therapy 
  5-session package  
Chin CHF 60.- CHF 250.-
Full face inc. neck CHF 160.- CHF 690.-
Decolletage CHF 190.- CHF 830.-
Full face, neck and decolletage CHF 330.- CHF 1440.-
Upper back inc. shoulders CHF 250.- CHF 1100.-