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Fresh, firm and flawless skin.

With cosmetic light therapy treatments.

Banish thread veins, freckles, redness, age or sun spots.

The demands of everyday life leave their mark on your skin, as well: Stress, hormonal fluctuations and weak connective tissue will cause problems in the long run. With our cosmetic light therapy, a real all-purpose weapon, you can fight unwanted skin changes the gentle way. Want to lighten your freckles? Treat redness? Or simply brighten your complexion? Our light therapy is tailored exactly to your needs.



A gentle treatment targeted exclusively to your problem areas.

The demands of everyday life leave their mark: Stress, pollution, hormone fluctuations and weak connective tissue will cause problems for your skin in the long run. Formerly taut cheeks start sagging. Sun spots or redness appear on your forehead. Veins become visible through the skin.
This is the time for our all-purpose weapon: Cosmetic light therapy helps you fight unwanted skin changes the gentle way. No matter whether you want to lighten freckles or age spots, treat couperosis or rosacea, or simply want your skin to be fresher and purer  - cosmetic light therapy is tailored exactly to your needs. Our targeted method only treats the affected areas, avoiding the surrounding tissue and puts your skin in the best light.

Advantages of cosmetic light therapy

  • Firmer skin structure 
  • Lightening of superficial dark patches and veins
  • Reduction of wrinkles 
  • Treatment of redness (couperosis or rosacea)
  • Reduction of the pores
  • Tender skin without impurities




Everything you always wanted to know about cosmetic light therapy.

The prices for a cosmetic light therapy vary according to the size of the area to be treated and the desired treatment goal. Facial firming, for example, costs CHF390. If you want to erase the freckles on your nose, it will cost CHF100. The removal of superficial cheek veins costs CHF360. In order to fulfil our customers’ wishes holistically, we have put together affordable, exclusive, completely carefree packages. 
If you want to know what costs to expect, take a look at our price list or let one of our beauty specialists give you a non-binding estimate.

Avoid any exposure to direct sunlight after cosmetic light therapy: Protect treated skin areas carefully. Do not visit a tanning salon for 48 hours after treatment or between appointments. Do not apply cosmetics or peelings containing oils or fats for 24 hours after light therapy.

The number of sessions depends on numerous factors: for example, your goals and the condition of your skin. Experience has shown that a comprehensive cure to combat unsightly impurities consists of six to ten treatments, performed once a week.
We will discuss your individual skin problems with you and draw up treatment plans including affordable treatment packages - so that you can attain the skin of your dreams.

The possibilities of cosmetic light therapy are as manifold as the individual needs of our customers. If you want to tighten your skin, the laser will stimulate the keratin and elastin fibres of your connective tissue. If you want to treat dark patches, it will lighten superficial redness and visible veins. If you suffer from couperosis, rosacea or haemangioma, the high-energy light beam will heat and obliterate the affected vessels. In addition, cosmetic light therapy has a positive effect on skin impurities: Heating the inflamed sebaceous glands triggers the formation of oxygen radicals that combat acne bacteria.
The result: a fresh, peachy and pure complexion without unwanted freckles, spots or redness.

All skin types can be treated with our cosmetic light therapy. 



Any questions?

Our beauty experts will be happy to offer you in-depth information and advice in a personal consultation.
Please call us, write an e-mail or use the contact form to reach out to us. One of our beauty experts will contact you directly and - if desired - immediately compile and discuss an individual treatment plan with you.